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The Beach

Move On Through the Map!

  • Beach is the first level, and will always be there.
  • Achieve the tunnel by going through the beach once.
  • Shoot an apple at the Electrode to the right of the place full of screeching Magnemite and it will explode, revealing a new path that leads to the volcano.
  • To earn the river, keep getting more and more points after unlocking volcano to make Prof. Oak think you are trustworthy to go there.
  • Near the gate at the end of the river, you will see a switch. Behind the switch there is something small and brown floating. Shoot a pester ball, and it will reveal a Porygon (Though you will not be able to take a picture. If you really want a photo of Porygon, shoot at the other green one just behind you when you reach the Cubone Tree) that stamps on the button, and makes the gate open to reveal a split and earn the cave.
  • To earn the valley, get enough points required (after unlocking cave).
  • To earn rainbow cloud (where the only thing to take a picture of is Mew), earn all the signs prof. Oak asks you to collect.

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