Get all the Pokémon!Edit

Bulbasaur - Edit

1. Find at cave, Ditto in diguise on the beginning.

2. Find in river, shoot pester ball or apple at bulbs sticking out of the logs.

Charmander - Edit

1. Find at volcano walking around, shoot apples to make them gather together and make a line of Charmanders the same way.

Charmeleon - Edit

1. Find at volcano, walking around or pacing in circles.

2. Find at volcano, watch as Magmar shoots flams a Charmander and see it evolve.

Charizard - Edit

1. Knock the Charmeleon pacing around the pool of lava in the volcano into the lava itself and see it evolve.

Squirtle - Edit

1. Find at valley, shoot pester balls at Squirtle shells in the beginning or wait for the bowling Squirtles at the end.

Metapod - Edit

1. Find at river hanging from the roof, shoot at them to lower them down and get close-ups.

Butterfree - Edit

1. Find at beach, cannot miss them.

Kakuna - Edit

1. Find in tunnel, get ready to catch a shot when they fall from the ceiling.

Doduo - Edit

1. Runs around in beach.

Dodrio - Edit

1. Knock the Doduo into the sea by fast forwarding then throwing an apple when t gets to the ramp, aand it will evolve.

Pidgey - Edit

1. Flies around in beach.

Pikachu - Edit

1. Find in beginning of the beach area.

2. Find some in the tunnel.

3. Find in river, sticking out from log.

Sandshrew - Edit

1. Shoot down one of the Geodude clinging onto the mountain in the valley using a pester ball, and when it falls a Sandshrew will be thrown out of the sand.

Sandslash - Edit

1. Spirals up from the ground for a quick second in the valley, be sure to catch a photo when it pops out.

Vulpix - Edit

1. Walks around in volcano, very common.

Jigglypuff - Edit

1. Find 3 in cave, being tortured by Koffings.

2. Hit the Koffings to free the Jiglypuffs, and you will see them again singing on the purple rocks in the end.

Zubat - Edit

1. Find in tunnel, rapidy snap photos at the ceiling when the gates open to get a shot.

Vileplume - Edit

1. Use flute to awaken the "sleeping" red flower in the ground (river).

Diglett - Edit

1. Find in tunnel talking to a Pikachu, snap a picture when it pops up from the ground.

Dugtrio - Edit

1. Each time you take a picture of Diglett, he will tunnel to a different location. After making Diglett tunnel four times, a Dugtrio appears.

Meowth - Edit

1. Jumps around in beach.

Psyduck - Edit

1. Swims around a rock in the river.

2. Throw an apple at the Psyduck, and he will start jumping in and out of the water at random locations.

Mankey - Edit

Sorry, I just love mankey.

1. Jumps around in valley, going bowling.

Electrode - Edit

1. Rolls around at tunnel entrance

Porygon - Edit

1. Hides in river, you will see a small floating speck, shoot a pester ball and it will come out uncamoflauged.

Slowpoke - Edit

1. Standing on land in river area.

Slowbro - Edit

1. Using apples, lure the Slowpoke at the river to the sign, and he will put his tail in the water and evolve.

Articuno - Edit

1. In the cave area, where there are two jynx surrounding an egg, play the flute and watch it hatch.

Zapdos - Edit

1. In the tunnels, where you see a Pikachu standing next to an egg, lure the Pikachu to the egg using an apple. Then play the flute, and Pikahu will use thunderbolt on the egg, causing it to hatch.

Moltres - Edit

1. In the volcano, knock the egg into the lava and it will hatch.

Mew - Edit

1. Complete the game, and a new level called the rainbow cloud will pop out and you can catch Mew.

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