The PokéSnapedia WikiEdit

Hi, this is a wiki about Pokémon Snap, a really short but interesting game.

Metacritic rated this game in the 70s, but I think the critics just hate Pokémon. Oh, and it is for Nintendo 64.

What is Pokemon Snap?Edit

Pokémon Snap is a game in which you have a camera and tools such as the Pester Ball or Pokéflute to try and capture every Pokémon on the island. There are a variety of hidden Pokémon in which you use your tools wisely. Ther are seven places you can venture, plus a special course. The game only has first generation Pokémon, and Prof. Oak will give you points depending on how good your picture is.

Related SiteEdit

Hello I'm the 27thcolt...just call me Colt.I have another site about pokemon in general.Just click on this colored sentence.Hope you like it!

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